Before the child

Before the child GAME WITH CUBES TASK Equipment: subject pictures: on the first the boy bears a box with cubes; on the second boy, sitting on a carpet, spreads cubes from a box; on the third the boy builds a tower; on the fourth the boy stops building a tower, puts the finishing detail fig.

Occupation course.

Before the child put all pictures and ask it to consider them.

Then suggest to spread out them one after another so that it was clear that the boy did at first that then that he constructed.

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Material Development of figurative perception of language symbolics.

Concentration of attention.

Material A box with cardboard plates on which letters from rough paper wrote words.

To it the scarf for setting of eyes is given.

The description of work The child puts before himself the plate with the rough word, ties with a scarf or closes eyes and, feeling a letter behind a letter, connects them in the word.

Control is exercised by the senior child or the teacher.

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Yu. Fausek

Yu. Fausek All help will be directed on easy passing of this stage of development of language now.

The child comes to that process of reading is process of work with sound symbols.


Fausek notices that if to the child able to write, show the written word which he has to read, he long is silent and reads it with the same sluggishness with what would write.

We repeatedly noticed that children help themselves to read a finger, conducting it from a letter to a letter, or even legs, passing by the warehouses or words which are laid out on a floor and reading them in process of the movement.

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To ask to show

To ask to show To enshrine the generalizing concept insects in the dictionary.

To ask to show parts of a body of insects the head, short moustaches, a hobotok, a sting, eyes, a paunch, wings, pads.

To explain to the child the concept predatory insects a dragonfly, an ant, a ladybug, a grasshopper, a spider, to tell, than predatory insects insects, larvae of insects eat.

To tell, than other insects eat: bees, butterflies nectar of flowers; flies, cockroaches the remains of food of the person.

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I hesitate

I hesitate What opinion develops at them about me?

Whether I am pleasant to them?

As to me to learn about it?

If you feel awkward on public, you agree with the majority of the following statements: I am haunted by thought, whether correctly I do these or those things.

Me how I look in others eyes worries.

I hesitate of the appearance.

I am usually concerned by to make good impression.

Before leaving the house, I look at myself in a mirror.

Me that other people think of me worries.

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Fig. WHO IS STRONGER? Equipment: sets

Fig. WHO IS STRONGER? Equipment: sets Fig.


Equipment: sets of cards with the image of different animals: tiger, wolf, fox, hare, mouse; on a reverse side decreasing on length of a strip fig.

Occupation course.

The teacher distributes to children the first set of cards, on one on each participant game, suggests to spread out on an order who is more senior: at first the senior, then is younger, etc.

When detivypolnit a task, the teacher asks to turn cards and to consider on a reverse side of a strip of different length.

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GAME FINISH In case of difficulty children can say a proper word chorus.


Occupation course.

The teacher tells to children some words from the offer, and children supplement it with new words that the finished offer, for example turned out: I put on a warm fur coat, that.

Children speak: not to freeze to go for a walk that it was warm.

The teacher prepares offers in advance, for example: We switched on light, because, Children put on Panamanians, because, We watered flowers, that, Presented to Masha a gift today, because, etc.

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